Comic 2 - 20 days to go!

29th May 2018, 12:00 AM in Zero: contemplation
20 days to go!
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datalovin 29th May 2018, 12:00 AM edit delete
Hello!!! Welcome to the count down to chapter 1 of Boys Love Boys’ Love! I’m the author and artist, Galen.
A bit about me and the project: I started formulating the idea for a Boys Love comic back in 2015 or so. I go to a lot of conventions in my state, and one vendor that’s at multiple cons sells Yaoi grab bags. Gay as I am, I love material that reflects even a bit of me and so I’ve had a kind of a long standing, but critical, relationship with bl, shonen ai, yuri and shojo ai. Everything I get in these grab bags, no matter what, always has SOMETHING that I’m incredibly uncomfortable with. Seme/uke dichotomy? Non consensual encounters? Underage? Gross And also What The Fuck
I started getting really tired of these disgusting things portrayed as light-hearted wank material and decided if I didn’t like it, maybe I should make my own. Three years later and here we are.

Every 5 days from here on out I’ll be posting another little illustration. In the meantime please hit up the Connect page for the official comic Twitter (where I’m hosting a giveaway!) my personal Twitter and DeadbugStudio’s Patreon where I’m running a limit launch support tier with exclusive rewards! This tier will be closed off on June 18 0:00EST and only has 4 available slots.

I’m beyond excited to finally have done enough work that I feel I’m ready to bring this project to the public. I hope you can continue along with me as I grow and work along with the comic!

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