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The best/only ways to get at me. I welcome questions and feedback. I have a loose commission availability as well, feel free to ask about rates and the types of work I do.

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I don't do this for a living, but I still have my own bills to pay and a family of animals to care for. Say thanks and get more Boys Love! Access uncensored pages and other bonus material thorough monthly subscription at Patreon, or leave a one-time tip through Ko-fi for a sketch request (not limited to Boys Love, of course! Let your desires be known) or find specific digital collections of sketches, rejected pages, one-shot stories and more in the store!

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Comic Pals

These comics are not only ones I read and love, but by people I love, also! Please take a minute to check them out! If you draw a comic and would like to be a Comic Pal and exchange links/banners, contact me!

Tripping Over You

Rainy Day Dreams


Webcomic Links

A collection of comics I love and read. Feel free to send suggestions through email! Please note, some of these links may lead to comics with mature content. As you are currently viewing a mature comic yourself hopefully it isn't too much of a problem. Still, 18+ comics are marked as such. 


Drugs and Wires 

Exorcism Academy (18+)

Fritz Fargo (18+)

Lies Within

Oglaf (18+)

Rock Cocks (18+)

Some Name (18+)

Speak of the Devil

This is Not Fiction